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I am planning to blog about a couple of items in the near future. This is mostly just a reminder to myself that I need to actually do it.

I have recently gotten deep into the world of cryptocurrency, on both the mining and buying/trading sides. I want to write about both of these "adventures," including details of learning how the blockchain works, how to build and configure a miner (Ethereum in my case), and how I learned technical analysis for trading crypto (or stocks or forex) in under a week, thanks to a class from some very clever guys who moved from trading stocks to trading crypto.

I have also been reading quite a bit about the banking/financial system, and it is a much more interesting subject than I anticipated. The world of crypto is also full of news and drama on a daily basis, and I've been considering blogging on this subject daily just to keep up with it. I was sending a daily email to some of my friends with crypto news and happenings, and the feedback that I got was that it was actually really useful, since most people don't have time to keep up with this stuff.

Last but not least, I've gotten back into music a bit, and I've been listening to this song on repeat pretty much all day.

Ah, and I've been using a new (or new to me at least) product called Twistlock that provides additional security in an OpenShift or Kubernetes environment. It's pretty amazing, and the team and the company are great as well. If you have an OpenShift environment that you'd like to lock down and monitor, I would definitely check this product out and put it at the top of your list. I also plan to create a blog post describing the product and how to deploy and manage it.

Anyway, after a year of not posting (and removing almost all my old posts), I guess it's time to start using this thing again. Also, no one reads this, but at least that will let me grow it organically and post about whatever I want. Maybe I'll use it the way people used LiveJournal in 2003. Not me, just like, other people I mean.